Don't just take our word for it!  Read what others are saying about the change they have seen in our Project LIFT students.


" For the first time in several years, summer school was not a requirement for Jose* to be promoted to the next grade.  Jose has adopted a new outlook where he sees success as a possibility through his hard work and determination.  All of his teachers have been thrilled to see him put strategies in place that will allow him to reach his goals.  It is a pleasure to see Jose show pride in his achievements."
Jennifer Wilson
Graduation Coach
Haynes Bridge Middle School


"I think Project LIFT is a great program that helped me overcome a lot of obstacles that I had in my life.  They also gave me an awesome mentor who I'm very thankful to have."
Haynes Bridge Middle School
" Within that short amount of time, I truly saw an improvement in attitude not only towards me but also towards school.  I could definitely see his interest in improving his grades.”
Centennial High School Student

"I have been transporting three boys from Haynes Bridge Middle School to Project Lift for several weeks now. Their behavior in the beginning was not acceptable but let me tell you what I am observing now. They are on time and greet me with respect and friendship. Their behavior toward each other has become friendly.  They readily share with me and each other what they have been up to. They have shared (unsolicited) with each other and me how much they like their mentors. When we arrive, they start to set up the room for the meeting.  This has been a remarkable change in a relatively short period of time."
Doug Niman
Project LIFT - Transportation Volunteer

"Mark* seems to be handling situations of conflict with a more mature attitude."
Crossroads High School

"Jahmal* seemed more involved in class and interested."
Centennial High School

*Names of students have been changed to protect their anonymity.