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· Every year more than one 1.5 million U.S high school students drop out every year.

· Georgia’s high school graduation rate is 78.8%.

· High school dropouts are more than eight times as likely to be in jail or prison as high school graduates

· High school dropouts are more likely to be unemployed, in poor health, living in poverty, on public assistance, and/or single parents with children themselves.

· The economic cost of high school dropout is great—billions of dollars in government assistance, crime-related costs and lost wages.

LIFT Maximum Potential
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Project LIFT began in 2009 as a collaboration between Bridge to Grace Church and YES!Atlanta, an organization helping teens in metro Atlanta for over 20 years now.  Given the church’s proximity to Centennial High School and Holcomb Bridge Middle School, the leadership of Bridge to Grace had the vision to offer something to help students in our community.  Between discussions with school personnel, YES!Atlanta and Bridge to Grace, it was clear that there was a need and that a mentoring program could really benefit the at-risk youth here in Roswell and surrounding communities.  Project LIFT adopted and expanded a tried and tested method of mentoring successfully utilized by YES!Atlanta.

Project LIFT began enrolling students in January of 2010. We have worked with 15-20 students each year since. "At this stage, we are emphasing quality over quantity. We want to make sure we can consistently and effectively help the students we are serving now. Our goal is to see each of our students through to high school graduation," states Project LIFT program director, Amanda Reed.  "Over 70% of the students have returned each year, with the majority of those not returning because they have moved away from the area. That speaks volumes to us."

Even in the short period of time Project LIFT has been operating, significant change has been evident in students’ behavior and attitudes. Parents reported seeing improvement in attitude, behavior, self-motivation and self-confidence. Teachers commented on students’ improved work habits, increased motivation and maturity, and ability to handle conflict. Tomas, one of the Project LIFT participants, said this, “Project LIFT had a big impact in my life. I started to care more about school and wanted to do better. I focused on doing my homework and did better on tests and quizzes. It brought my confidence up.”

Project LIFT relies heavily on the support of the community from the many volunteer needs, donations of goods and supplies, and financial support. Please consider how you can be a part of this important work with Project LIFT – if not you, then who?

Now is the time to make a difference in the lives of the teens in our community!
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