Project LIFT is a performance-based mentoring program for underserved youth in North Fulton County.  Project LIFT directly supports teens grades 8th-12th during the school year and until they graduate.  A Project LIFT cycle consists of up to 30 students who are: having difficulty passing classes or mandated tests; lacking the ability to withstand peer pressure; lacking motivation; not performing to their potential and/or enmeshed in difficult family situations. Students are referred by Fulton County Schools, parents or community partners.  Each participant is provided with a personal mentor (Coach) who works directly with the student to improve their academic performance and enhance their abilities to withstand daily challenges as a teen.

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The enrollment process begins with a thorough explanation of program and what is expected of those who participate. Parents are fully briefed and consent is obtained.  Once a young person chooses to participate, he/she is given an intensive application and interview to determine the type of support that is most appropriate. Students are asked to set goals which are then discussed so an individualized plan can be formulated for each participant.  All students are partnered with a personal Coach to support them based on their specified personal development and academic needs. Students are required to attend educational and personal development support sessions held weekly and a life skills development workshops held monthly. 


Coaches are carefully screened volunteers who are trained to coach and not “judge”.  All Coaches are required to have a background check and thorough interview before they participate in the program.  The coaches and participants meet together at least once a week during support sessions.  Coaches also attend the monthly workshops to further support participants and to assist in monitoring and reporting on their progress.


• Improvement in academic performance
• Decline in unhealthy behavior
• Better attitudes and improvement in self-esteem
• Better relationships with authority figures, family and peers

If you need help or know a student who does, please click on one of the links above (eform or print form).  If you would like additional information, please contact us or call Bruce Moore at 678-642-0139.

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