HOW CAN YOU HELP?                        

Volunteer support is essential to the operations of the Project LIFT program.  Project LIFT is looking for individuals who have a passion to help young people realize their full potential.  There are many volunteer positions available to fit your schedule.  The following are just some of the ways you can become involved.

You can make a difference in a young person's life by sharing your time, talents or resources.  If you are ready to volunteer or would like additional information, please fill out our Volunteer Request Form or contact Bruce Moore (678) 642-0139 or

Become a Mentor.
Mentors work one-on-one with a matched student to help encourage, support and challenge them to improve in areas identified by the student. Prospective mentors complete an application, interview and background check and participate in a training before being matched with a student. Mentors commit to mentor a student for a full school year. Mentors meet with students on Tuesday evenings.
Program Support.
There are many opportunities to support the day-to-day operations of Project LIFT.  Volunteers help with administrative needs including paperwork, communication and event planning.  During the school year, volunteers are needed to provide transportation from the schools to our program location.

If you really are concerned, then show it.
If you really want to help, you can.
If you lend a helping hand to struggling people right around you,
You can make a different world.
(From Peaceful Warrior, Dr. Billy Taylor, 1983)

Above: Student Joi Avie (center) receives a certificate for outstanding
completion of the Seven Habits for Highly Effective Teens here with her
mentor, Clarissa Sparks, and Seven Habits Facilitator, Ron Gardner.

Making A Difference
One Life at a Time
Joi Avie, a student at Centennial High School, was having difficulty at school and at home and wanted to join Project LIFT to improve her life. Over the course of the year, Joi made many positive changes. Joi joined the track team. She improved her grades significantly, from C’s and F’s the previous semesters to receiving all A’s and B’s by the second semester. Her family relationships improved. Joi attended the Project LIFT group and individual mentoring sessions throughout the year. She also attended and completed the Seven Habits program provided during LIFT’s Saturday workshops. In addition to her recognition for Seven Habits, she was awarded Student of the Year at the Acknowledgment Ceremony at the end of the school year.

Joi was on “the same roller coaster”
“When I started high school, I didn’t care what grades I made or what trouble I was in. Even if I said ‘I’d do better this time.’ It never lasted very long. Well, last year, my sophomore year, I was still going through the same roller coaster. It wasn't just school, I was sick of my parents and my sister and really just people in general. Being cynical as I am, I didn’t believe that Project Lift would help much, but it helped before I realized it.

"From my experience, I would describe Project Lift as a program that is supposed to help and mentor kids, especially with school. I liked how they had group sessions, and talked about things some of us actually needed and I liked how the people in Project Lift wanted to help and did not fake kindness to put on a show.  You get your own mentor, which was nice. The mentors help in any way they can, from giving you a ride to a game or listening to you rant about something, no matter how small the issue is. They offer support and advice when they can. I felt awkward at first because I am not much of a people person and opening up to someone isn't’t that easy.  Eventually, I got over myself and started actually talking. I was constantly surprised because my mentor did so much for me and it was things that really helped me.’

Joi continues, “With the help of Project Lift and my mentor, I really improved in school, really my whole work ethic changed. I was able to talk and learn about what needed to change pertaining to school. A big issue that they helped with was time, because that was something that was holding me back. There were a lot of talks and seminars that really helped me manage time. They also motivated me to do better and at that time it was something I really needed. It didn’t matter if it was a simple congratulations or a gift, somebody was still letting me know I accomplished something good. Project Lift really helped me and I had a great experience in the program. I hope others who join the program give it a chance to help them too.”


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